Frat Boy Tease – Part 3

Playtime: 17:10

Austin is beginning to understand: He is here to fulfill this man’s sexual fantasies, and the more he cooperates the less he suffers. “Are you ready to get hard for me?” Jared asks Austin as he removes the ball-gag from the frat boy’s mouth. “Yes, anything you want!” Austin says. Jared works the boy’s cock under his undies then cuts them off. Austin has a great dick: fat and cut, with big, bulging balls. His back and ass, lacerated and red from hours of whipping, scream with pain, but Austin concentrates hard and his dick hardens. “I’ll cum for you, sir, I will!” Austin exclaims. “I want to please you; I do!” But Jared has lost patience. He stops working the kid’s cock, raises him up onto his toes and whips his already wounded back with the flogger. “Please, I’ll cum for you!” Austin begs. He’s going to do a lot more than cum, but first he will suffer.


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