Captive Blonde – Part 4

Playtime: 17:18

Blonde boy Leo, is bound to a fuck bench, completely naked, his beautiful body scarred from his earlier single-tail whipping. His virginal butt hole puckers and stretches as he helplessly tests his bonds. Felix Frost walks in, his heavy boots echoing off the concrete walls of the dungeon. He is carrying a black and blue flogger. He approaches the boy. “Crack!” The first blow to Leo’s ass makes him jump and yelp. Felix flogs him mercilessly, a constant stream of hard blows that cover the boy’s back and ass with nasty blisters. Young Leo’s beautiful, boyish body flexes and trembles as he moans in pain. Felix waves the bottle of rubbing alcohol under Leo’s nose then sprays the liquid-fire on his fresh wounds. The unwilling slave agrees to suck Felix’s cock to stop the beating. Felix fucks the poor kid’s face for a half-hour then finger-fucks and eats-out his sweet asshole. Leo hates being used as a sex slave but it’s better than being whipped.


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