JACOB WOLF: Acts Of Sodomy

Chapter 1

Not only is having sex with a virgin a crime in our dystopian future, so is homosexuality and, today, a beautiful boy is tortured for having gay sex and speaking-out on campus.

Chapter 2

A young college boy, hairless but for a smattering of pubes, is lifted up onto his toes and brutally lashed with the single-tail. Then, despite the pain, he spews a massive load of cum.

Chapter 3

Beautiful, young Jacob’s torture intensifies as he’s stretched, lashed, left hanging in pain for hours then lowered to his knees and forced to suck his torturer’s massive cock.

Chapter 4

Anthony Martin is going to fuck the gay out of Jacob Wolf if it’s the last thing he does. He fucks the boy’s mouth then his ass like he’s a cheap whore, moaning in agony.

Chapter 5

Jacob Wolf, still in shock from being fucked by his captor, is whipped with the single-tail then mounted to the fuck bench and spanked, his ass readied for another round of fucking.

Chapter 6

College-boy Jacob’s torture-by-fucking continues as Anthony Martin fucks his mouth and his asshole with two rigid dildos at the same time, nonstop for hours.

Chapter 7

Young Jacob is bolted against a wall and ordered to jerk off as Anthony Martin continues to fuck him with a huge dildo. The boy can’t help but get rock hard, then busts a huge load of cum.

Chapter 8

A beautiful gay boy gets rock hard as he’s strapped to a cross and lifted upright, then he is fucked with a steel butt plug while crucified, staying hard while hanging on the wood.

Chapter 9

Jacob suffers on the cross for hours in total agony, coming fully to life for a few moments when his balls are attacked with clothespins, then collapsing in shock.

Chapter 10

With his crucifixion, Jacob’s punishment is officially over, but Anthony Martin still face-fucks him and uses him as a cum-bucket, then readies him for more whipping and fucking.

Chapter 11

Beautiful Jacob moans and weeps as the soles of his feet are whipped and his flawless skin is flogged, cropped and pin-wheeled. Then he is fucked, again.

Chapter 12

Tears run down Jacob’s boyish face as he is mercilessly fucked by a jackhammer of a machine, his pleas for mercy ignored. Pain has never looked more beautiful.

Chapter 13

Young Jacob is tortured with whips, a steel butt plug and electric shock, then is left alone, naked and suffering, fearing that endless pain and fucking is his only fate.


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