Chapter 1

A teenaged bully is spread-eagled on the floor of our dungeon in his gym clothes. He’s stripped and the soles of his feet are whipped by our new, young top, Joseph Mathews.

Chapter 2

A high school bully, lean and smooth-bodied, is stripped naked on a bondage platform. His nipples and thighs are whipped, then his balls are fried with electricity.

Chapter 3

Teen-boy Joshua Thorn is chained face-down to a torture platform, completely naked. His perfect ass is whipped with a riding crop while he cries out in pain and begs for mercy.

Chapter 4

Our young top, Joseph Mathews, flogs the ass and back of a beautiful teen boy, Joshua, non-stop for 30 minutes then strings him up and beats him some more.

Chapter 5

Teen boy Joshua Thorn has been chained in our dungeon for weeks. Noah Evans sucks his cock until its hard then tazes and gut-punches the boy when he complains.

Chapter 6

Long, lanky Joshua is gut-punched while his big cock is sucked and stroked until he’s so hard his dick points at his belly button. Then it’s cock-and-ball torture time.

Chapter 7

Joshua isn’t being punished; he’s being used as a slave because he’s a hot boy. Noah Evans loves working his dick, then torturing it. And a little later, he jerks him off.

Chapter 8

A dumb straight boy, chained in our dungeon, realizes he is nothing but an object of lust as horny Noah Evans gropes his naked body then jerks off all over his chest.


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