JULIAN: Wages Of Sin

Chapter 1

In a dystopian future, where sex outside of marriage is punishable by extreme torture, a young muscle-stud is stripped and beaten senseless on the orders of a sadistic judge.

Chapter 2

A young stud, rippling with muscle, is repeatedly shocked by electrodes attached to his nipples, then his balls. The wages of sin indeed.

Chapter 3

Brazilian muscle-stud Julian is sliced repeatedly with a single-tail whip, then his wounds are sprayed with rubbing alcohol, making his amazing physique convulse with pain.

Chapter 4

A straight bodybuilder, living in a dystopian future where sex with a virgin is punished by torture, is bound to a cross, shocked with a cattle-prod to his balls and forced to cum.

Chapter 5

Julian, a young bodybuilder, is crucified! Every inch of his amazing physique is in agony, displayed to perfection.

Chapter 6

Anthony Martin’s cock is rock hard as he watches his latest victim suffer on the cross. He humiliates the crucified stud further by jerking off right next to him.

Chapter 7

Professional sadist Anthony Martin continues to enjoy whipping, slapping and groping the naked flesh of a Brazilian bodybuilder sentenced to torture for sex crimes.

Chapter 8

Julian is stretched, facedown, on the rack. His naked body and the soles of his feet are whipped, not for his sex-crimes but because his guard loves watching him suffer.

Chapter 9

Julian is stretched faceup on the rack as he’s whipped with a leather flogger and a bamboo switch then left stretched to his breaking-point for hours, naked and alone.


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