MARCUS RYAN: Young Thief

Chapter 1

Handsome, young Marcus Ryan is caught stealing from muscular daddy Myles Landon and agrees to be punished. Myles starts by stripping him naked and wrapping him in plastic.

Chapter 2

Young Marcus Ryan’s punishment is much worse than he ever imagined. His nipples, cock and balls are tortured and he’s left wrapped in plastic for hours.

Chapter 3

Slender thief Marcus Ryan moans in agony as the clothespins on his nipples and cock are ripped off. Then he’s bound on his knees for a long, hard spanking by his daddy.

Chapter 4

Pretty, young Marcus is fucked in the ass while his butt-cheeks and scrotum are beat red. Actually, fucked is the wrong word; jackhammered is more accurate.

Chapter 5

Marcus is led like a dog to the dungeon. He’s fucked nonstop for hours by a fuck machine and jerked off while his asshole is pummeled, spewing cum as he moans in agony.

Chapter 6

Our pretty, young thief chokes on Myles’ huge cock as he’s fucked by the fuck machine. Then Myles bends the boy over a bench and fucks his mouth and ass.

Chapter 7

Myles Landon pounds helpless Marcus like a disposable whore. After cumming all over the boy’s back, he shoves his massive cock back in and continues fucking him.

Chapter 8

Young Marcus thinks his ordeal is over but, no, he is in for much more pain and humiliation – on the rack. A good flogging warms him up.

Chapter 9

Our pretty young thief is flipped over and stretched, not too tightly but enough to make him helpless, then brutally flogged from his shoulders to the soles of his feet.

Chapter 10

Marcus is stretched to his breaking point on the rack as the whipping intensifies; he is no longer a thief being punished but an object of lust being tortured.


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