MATTHEW CONNOR: From Fantasy To Nightmare

Chapter 1

A 19-year-old blonde pretty boy has fantasized about being dominated, whipped and fucked like a slave. Today his fantasy comes true; tomorrow it turns into a nightmare.

Chapter 2

A blonde, smooth-bodied twink has his creamy, little ass beat red then brutally fucked by a sadistic top with a rock-hard cock the size of a tall-boy beer can.

Chapter 3

As his fantasy turns into a nightmare, a blonde teen begs to be released but instead is strung-up and whipped until his naked body is covered with welts.

Chapter 4

Teen-boy Matthew spends the night in the dungeon, chained to a chair, dozing fitfully. In the morning he’s beaten with a crop then covered with his master’s cum.

Chapter 5

Anthony uses his boy’s cock and body for his pleasure. When Matthew is on the verge of cumming, his master releases his cock then tortures his body.

Chapter 6

“My friends are gonna be looking for me!” Matthew says, bound to an X-cross. Anthony responds by covering the boy’s cock, balls, nipples and the sides of his torso with clothespins.

Chapter 7

A beautiful teenage boy suffers in the dungeon, covered with clothespins, then each pin is ripped off and h e spews a huge load of cum despite – no, because of – the pain.

Chapter 8

After a night alone in a cage, lean, young Matthew is bolted face-down to a small table, then spanked with a leather paddle and whipped with a single-tail.

Chapter 9

After being whipped and paddled, beautiful, young Matthew’s virginal asshole is pummeled by a machine that fucks him senseless, nonstop for 20 minutes.

Chapter 10

Chained by his throat, Matthew learns what it means to be a slave: always naked, always thirsty, always sucking cock, always covered with his master’s cum.


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