NOAH EVANS: Boy Delivered

Chapter 1

Noah Evans, desperate for cash, is rented out to Grant Dixon to be “used,” but he has no idea that means he’ll be locked in a pillory and have his ass brutally spanked.

Chapter 2

Noah Evans is bound to the pillory. His ass is beaten bright red, then he’s left alone in agony overnight only to be bound upright the next day and burned with hot wax.

Chapter 3

Super-horny Grant Dixon covers muscle-twink Noah Evan’s chest and abs with searing-hot wax as the boy squirms and flexes in pain, then swallows his huge, erect cock.

Chapter 4

Grant Dixon edges Noah Evans for hours, keeping him hard but refusing to let him cum. Then he drips more hot wax on the naked boy and hoses him down with ice-water.

Chapter 5

Young Noah is strung-up by his wrists and flogged, his lean, fit body covered with welts. To add to his humiliation, video of his torture will now be posted for all to see.


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