Frat Boy Tease – Part 2

Playtime: 17:38

Jared intensifies the back-and-ass flogging of his new prize, frat boy Austin, who is squirming under the force of the flogger. Jared rotates from rapid-fire, continuous flogging to slow, deliberate, harder blows. Austin is nearly naked, his tiny briefs pulled down to expose his ass and the top of his pubes, but Jared is holding off on ripping off the boy’s undies completely, knowing his master is watching on camera and loves to be titillated. Before working this boy’s cock, Jared wants to really hurt him, so he switches from a flogger to a single-tail bullwhip. Jared lays in hard with the single-tail, cutting Austin’s already lacerated back. Austin literally bounces on the balls of his feet the pain is so great. A little alcohol misted directly on his fresh wounds makes him bounce even harder. That’s the price of being a tease, boy.


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