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Garrett Cooper – “The Jogger”
We spy Garrett – a lean, blonde college boy – jogging near campus in tiny shorts and a skin-tight shirt, exuding youthful cockiness. An hour later our proud boy is spread-eagled face-up on Jared’s bondage table, out cold. Such a lovely teen body, complete with a huge bulge in his shorts. A few slaps wake him up. “What the fuck!” Garrett screams. A ball-gag solves that problem. We slowly strip him, beating each new bit of exposed skin with the crop and flogger. Garrett is flipped over and brutally flogged on his back and ass before Jared fucks him with a rigid “punishment dildo.” Later, the teenager is strapped to a horizontal cross bar, hooded, stroked until he’s rock-hard and flogged on his abs and chest, kept hard the whole time until he’s forced to his knees to suck Jared’s throbbing cock, getting his chest covered with cum. Finally, Garrett is crucified on the “fuck cross,” his fine ass hovering over a massive dildo on which he is forced to fuck himself for hours before he’s lowered to the concrete floor and jerked off himself. Showing off your body is fun – especially for us.

Glen – “Pretty Boy Torture”
Lean muscle twink Glen is chained standing in the dungeon, barefoot, shirtless, wearing red jeans and an oversized hood. Muscle-top Jared whips him with the single-tail, covering his back with deep, red welts, before yanking down his pants and doing the same to his ass. Sprays of alcohol add to his pain. Then Glen is splayed on a rack and ordered to keep his huge cock hard while he’s flogged, then painfully stretched. He’s flipped over, the soles of his feet are whipped, and he’s stretched again and whipped even harder. Later he’s spread-eagled on his back and face-fucked and kept hard, until his naked tormentor, Jared, cums all over his chest. A little more whipping and Glen knows his new mantra: “I will suck cock, I will suffer and I will cum,” he states over and over. Then he busts a huge load of cum all over his tortured, beautiful body. A perfect slave boy is born

Preview: Glen 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07
Jordan Boss – “Payoff for Pain”
Well known porn star Jordan Boss makes his BDSM debut in our dungeon, duct-taped to a steel chair, wearing a tiny jock, a T-shirt, a tape-gag and blindfold. Jared strokes the stud’s muscles, making him moan in fear – and anticipation. Soon Jordan is rock-hard, busting out of his jock. Jared rips off the stud’s T-shirt, revealing the hot bod Jordan is known for, then clamps his nipples with electrodes. Jordan rotates between spasms of pain and groggy listlessness as electric current surges into his body over and over. Later, the porn star is arched face-up on a wooden platform, and Jared slices his muscular pecs and stomach with the single-tail, sprays the wounds with alcohol, then stretches his cock and balls while beating them with a crop. Jared flips him over and does the same to his back and ass before fucking him with a nasty, rigid dildo. Finally, Jordan is bolted to a wooden frame standing up. He’s forced to jerk-off that amazing porn-star penis, then his drained cock and balls are encircled with a steel cock ring and shocked with electric current, while his chest and abs are whipped. Wow. Just wow.

Kory Houston – “Abused Teen”
Beautiful 18-year-old high school boy Kory is spread-eagled on the bondage table, his lean, nearly hairless body completely naked. Jared flogs his chest and stomach, strokes his dick until it’s hard, then covers his cock and balls with clothespins and nasty little plastic pins. The kid remains rock-hard – even when Jared puts a super-nasty, hard plastic clamp on the tip of his cock, making him bellow in pain and beg for mercy. Jared then smacks Kory’s thighs and nipples and the soles of his feet with a riding crop. Kory screams ten times louder when Jared fucks his virgin asshole brutally with a rigid dildo, then jerks him off, despite his yelps of pain. The kid’s ass-fucking continues as Jared bolts him in a steel fuck machine on his knees, ass up, then cums on his face after making Kory suck his cock. Kory licks his master’s erect cock clean, swallowing it hole. His reward is to be impaled by the fuck machine and brutally flogged – and jerked off again! Finally, Kory is whipped while standing in a crucified position – often sporting a hardon. An amazing kid, indeed.

Preview: Kory 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07
Nathan – “Rent Boy”
Nathan is a punk-kid busted by our favorite cop for soliciting older men for sex. Our cop turns Nathan over wearing a sweater, sexy underwear and nothing else. In a matter of minutes the kid is sucking Jared’s cock through the bars of his cell, thinking he’ll be let go. Instead he’s stripped naked, bolted to a wall and flogged until his tight little body is bright red. Then Jared clamps his nipples and fat cock with clothespins – with an extra nasty one on the tip of the cock. Nathan removes the pins – causing great pain as the blood surges into the wounds – and, despite the pain, jerks off while still bolted to the wall. Jared rewards him by gut-punching him like a workout bag. Later the naked kid is hung upside down and whipped with the single-tail, front and back, the fresh wounds dosed with alcohol. Then Nathan is stretched out along a steel chain on the floor on his back and electric current is sent surging through his body over and over. Jared nooses Nathan’s cock and balls and lifts him off the floor, almost ripping off his genitals – and even turns on the electricity while doing it. Thanks, cop.

OTHER CURRENT TITLES – Now $12.95 each
Daniel – “Birthday Boy”
Daniel is a beautiful high school boy who has hit a teacher. Today is his 18th birthday – the first day he can be punished as adult – and he is about to suffer more than he could ever imagine. First he is bolted to a wall, stripped naked and whipped with the crop and a nasty-split head flogger. Then his cock and balls, nipples and navel are covered with biting clothespins and he’s cropped some more. After spending the night on the wall, the pins are removed and the wounds slapped. “It hurts!” he moans. He’s bent over a horse and his firm, round ass is brutally beat until he agrees to suck Jared’s hard cock. Finally, he stretched up on his tiptoes and brutally flogged. A barely legal boy badly abused.

Elders Titov and Berry – “The Mormon Boys”
Elders Titov and Berry – called “Elders” by their church even though they are only 19 – are two Mormon missionaries who are excited about having found a potential convert in Jared. Visiting his home, they are a little shocked when Jared pulls off his shirt and starts to ask them about their bodies. The young Mormons sip nervously on the milk Jared gives them – only to discover it is drugged! They wake-up in a dungeon. Elder Berry is spread-eagled on a table. Jared strips him, then face-fucks him, cumming all over his face, while Elder Titov, tied to a chair, is forced to watch. Then Elder Titov must strip naked and fuck himself with a series of dildos mounted to a board – each one larger than the last – while watching Elder Berry electrocuted when he doesn’t fuck himself hard or fast enough on the dildo board. The boys are then forced to change places and Elder Berry must fuck himself while his companion is repeatedly shocked. An amazing fantasy brought to life.

Lance – “Soldier Boy” (Part 2)
Lt. Lance Shafer, barely 21, is flipped over on the bondage table and his abs and chest are sliced with the single-tail whip. Even though he’s exhausted, Lance is forced to pump out a huge load of cum, then electric current is run through his body from wrist to ankles, while an angry man interrogates him. Still, Lance won’t talk – so he’s electrocuted and whipped with the single-tail at the same time! No matter what is done to him, Lance won’t talk. As punishment, he is crucified for hours, his strong, young body stretched and glistening with sweat, until he is cut down and sprawled unconscious on the floor, before being hauled up onto his toes and whipped again. A young Sean Cody model tortured to perfection.

Neill – “Scarred Muscle” (Part 2) / Jared – “Crucified Muscle”
Neill, 24, practically lives at the gym; he is a muscle god whose body ripples with every movement. Now he is a plaything. Young top Cole spread-eagles Neill on the bondage table, then shoves a massive dildo up his ass, making the straight stud scream in pain as he’s rhythmically fucked for an hour. Cole whips Neill’s beautiful abs and chest with a bullwhip and zaps the fresh wounds with a violet wand. Cole then crucifies the young hunk and forces him to cum while he hangs from the wood. In part 2, arrogant muscle stud Jared is crucified, a skimpy loincloth hanging low on his hips. By the end, the crucified young man is naked, glistening with sweat, his abs and chest crisscrossed with whip marks. Two magnificent muscle studs tortured and displayed to perfection.

Thomas “Four Years Later”
Four years ago, when he was 18, muscle-boy Thomas was sentences to several days of torture. Today he looks even better, lean and built, with a movie star’s good looks. He’s been sentenced to another round of torture. His ordeal begins on a horizontal X-cross, naked but for tiny briefs. His tormentors – the older judge and prison guard Jared – stroke his muscles, then flog him, then rip off his undies, revealing a huge cock. Jared beats Thomas’ abs with a foam-covered steel rod, then attacks his throbbing cock and balls with two, powerful glue clamps. Jared stands the boy up and gut-punches him, then hangs a heavy steel ball from his balls before whipping him. Finally, Thomas is crucified naked for hours, forced to get hard while in extreme pain. A favorite boy returns looking even better.

Chris – “Prison of Pain”
Chris Brody is a 23-year-old petty criminal caught up in the “get tough” politics of the future, where young trouble makes are sent to a “prison of pain,” not to serve time, but to be tortured! Chris is stripped naked and chained, his back arching seductively, to a black cube. Jared, his torturer, is not just a sadist but a sexual sadist, so, before marring Chris’ perfect body with the whip, Jared forces Chris to suck him off, busting a huge load of cum all over his chest, then fucks him with a massive dildo while jerking him off. The cum-soaked muscle stud is then strung-up and flogged, crucified, and finally stretched on a rack and electro-tortured. His naked suffering is a true thing of beauty.

Lance – “Soldier Boy” (Part 1)
Lt. Lance Schafer is an intelligence officer on his first mission. Barely 21, he is captured by an unknown enemy, blindfolded, bolted to a wall and stripped down to his Army-issued jock, revealing a lean, muscular body. He is brutally flogged by a muscular young guard, first on his chest and abs, then his back and ass. With his jock now shredded so it’s barely a G-string, Lance is duct-taped to a steel chair and electrodes are attached to his nipples. He’s shocked over and over until he passes out. His limp body is laid on a bondage table and his naked ass and back are cut repeatedly with the single-tail whip; then he is stretched to the breaking point, his wounds screaming in pain. An amazing boy suffering for his country.

Perry – “The Hook Up”
Sexy young top Cole finds Perry on Grindr and invites him over. After sucking his cock and getting him hard, Cole wants a kiss, but Perry pushes him away. Big mistake. Cole chokes out the boy and strings him up in his basement dungeon, gagged and naked. Perry thought he was getting a blowjob; instead he’s being turned into a pain slave. Cole whips him for hours and leaves him hanging by his wrists overnight, then slices his back with the bullwhip, spraying the cuts with alcohol, while Perry is pinned in a pillory. The back whipping continues with Perry bent over a horse, then Cole fucks his virgin ass. Then it’s back to the pillory for more whipping and alcohol and cock sucking. Cole finally busts a load all over his bound slave.

Seth – “Exceeding the Limits”
Five years ago, Seth, then 19, was abducted by two men and spent a week imprisoned and tortured. He’s never been the same since, drifting into a life of crime. He has been sentenced to 48-hours of non-stop torture at the hands of master sadist Jared. First he is bolted to a wall face first and brutally flogged, then he’s flipped around and brutally flogged again. Dozens of clothespins are clamped to cock and chest and he’s left overnight. In the morning he’s laid on the bondage table and bullwhipped, the wounds soaked with alcohol. Then he’s ordered to jerk off before Jared applies jumper cables to his cock and balls until he passes out from the shock and pain. A beautiful boy beautifully tortured.

Preview: Seth 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07
Darren – “Private Pain”
Darren is a 20-year-old private in the U.S. Army. Well he was. Now he is a private plaything for sadistic stud Jared, who snatched the young solider off his base and now has him chained in his private dungeon, blindfolded, stretched-up on his toes, his fatigues and briefs pulled down over his thighs. Darren can’t believe the pain when the whip crashes into his muscular body. And it only gets worse. He is bound to a chair, his head held high by an elastic rope that chokes him. Jared punches his abs – then shocks his muscles and cock with electrodes soaked in salt-water and attached to a car battery! Exhausted, Darren is then spread-eagled horizontally, whipped brutally on his chest and abs, oiled up and jerked off – spurting out a load of cum! – then flipped over and whipped on his back and ass, and smacked hard with a crop on the soles of his feet. Finally, he is brutally stretched on the rack, every muscle in his body elongated beautifully – and painfully.

Joel – “Young Spy”
Joel, barely 18, a very boyish but well built U.S. Marine, is dragged into our interrogation center while on patrol and accused of being a spy. “How many men in your unit?” the man bellows at the beautiful boy bolted to the wall in front of him. But Joel is trained to remain silent and endure severe torture – and endure he will. He’s beat with a crop. His pecs, navel, cock and balls are covered with biting pins. He’s strapped to a steel chair and shocked with electricity so many times he passes out. He’s strung-up and whipped on his back with a bullwhip, the wounds sprayed with alcohol. Then the same is done to his chest and abs while he’s strapped down on a table. Finally, he’s ordered to jerk off and pumps out a huge load of cum. His reward: He’s literally lifted off the table by his balls!

Preview: Joel 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07
Nate – “Farm Boy”
Nate is a 19-year-old farm boy from a small, Minnesota town. He has a beautiful body, sculpted not at the gym but in the barn, moving 90-pound hay bales and 150-pound milk cans. Jared spots him at the farmers market and knows his master will want him. An hour later Nate is on his back, chained to a steel ladder, hooded and nearly naked, groped by rough hands. Then he is brutally flogged, first while on his back, then while strung up on his toes. Clothespins are clamped to his nipples and genitals. Then he is brutally – and we mean brutally – whipped with the single-tail while stretched horizontally, first on his chest and abs, then on his back and ass. The men are so cruel they even spray alcohol on his wounds. Finally, after admitting his new status as a pain slave, he pumps out a huge load of cum on command. Then he is crucified, his cum drying on his abs.

Preview: Nate 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07
THOMAS – “Presentencing” and “Final Consent” (Part 1)
After being arrested for a minor crime, Thomas, 20, is given a choice: Serve 20 years hard labor or serve just one year after submitting to brutal torture. Before seeing the judge, the young jock, with his amazing physique and a huge cock, is given a taste of what awaits him: He’s bolted to a wall and electro-tortured, then forced to prove his strength by holding a massive weight above his chest. He’s then dressed and dragged into a courtroom, only to be ordered to strip, flex and get hard for the judge, who describes in detail how he will be tortured. After agreeing to submit, he’s immediately taken to a torture chamber and whipped. He’s then chained on his back and fucked with a massive dildo, while his extraordinary cock is covered with nasty, biting clamps. (And his tortures have just begun; the rest will be featured in Part 2.) Muscle stud tortured and fucked.
Price: $25.95 $12.95

Tomas – “The Whipping Boy”
Tomas is a 23-year-old Latin stud who a rich admirer hires us to torture. He is a “whipping boy,” a young man who suffers for the sins of others and for the pleasure of those in power. We don’t know who our client is or why he wants this boy tortured, but we are happy to oblige. Jared starts by brutally flogging Tomas’ torso, then zaps his whip wounds with the violet wand. Tomas begs for mercy and insists he is innocent, but Jared and the man in charge just laugh, then rip off his undies and zap his gorgeous uncut cock. Tomas is then turned around and whipped on his back and ass, then stretched horizontally and beat with the crop, zapped some more on his wounds and on his cock, which is now clamped right on the tip with a nasty, biting clip that digs into the fleshy head. This natural beauty suffers beautifully for our enjoyment.

Tommy – ” Delinquent Boy”
Tommy is an 18-year-old high school senior with a discipline problem. That is about to end. He is bolted to a wall and whipped, first with a crop, then a flogger, until his lean torso is bright red. Still, he smarts off. So special, biting clamps are placed on his nipples and genitals and he’s left for hours to reconsider his attitude. Next, his wiry body is stretched along a diagonal post, arms overhead. “Fuck you!” he still blurts out when a heavy weight is hung from his balls. The electrodes attached to the steel ring around his ball-sack change his tune. He begs for mercy. None is shown. He is shocked until he loses his ability to talk. Still, he resists. So he’s chained on his knees, nipples clamped, then bent over a whipping bench and brutally flogged. He’s strapped to a bondage table and shocked with the violent wand, then stretched to his breaking point and shocked some more. Finally, his body broken and covered with welts, he jerks off beautifully. .

BRETT – “Final Consent II” (Part 2)
Brett, the 20-year-old, six-foot-two, 205-pound college football star, spends a day in Hell, stretched-out on the bondage table, completely naked, his sculpted muscles scarred from early beatings (see Part 1 below). First, his pecs and abs are whipped with the single tail, crisscrossing his perfect torso with deep, red welts. His fresh wounds are sprayed with alcohol. He is brutally fucked with a huge dildo that is literally rammed up his virgin asshole over and over. An electrified steel ring is attached to his cock and balls and he is shocked repeatedly. His magnificent body is stretched to its breaking point. His muscular back and ass are brutally whipped with the single-tail and doused with alcohol. Amazing torture suffered by an amazing young man.
$12.95 $12.95

CHAD — “Police State Torture”
Chad Larsen is a 21-year-old student living in the not-too-distant future. America has become a police state where even minor crimes result in “immediate and severe” punishment. Chad has been convicted of such a crime and will now be punished. He is stripped naked, revealing a muscular torso covered with blond hair and a beautiful, uncut cock. He is whipped on the front and back of his body, then hung upside down and whipped again. His cock and balls are covered with biting pins, then burned with hot wax and shocked with electric current. Hot wax is poured all over his hairy torso and broad back, then literally whipped off. This boy is all man.
$25.95 $12.95

Preview: Chad 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07
COLE — “The Gymnast” (Part 2)
Cole is an 18-year-old gymnast who accepted a ride home from the wrong men. Now it’s time for his second day of pain. Chained by the throat, completely naked, he is hauled into the dungeon by Jared and bent over a padded horse. His beautiful back and ass are brutally beat with the split-head spanker. Then he is ordered to jerk off on camera, so a potential buyer can rate his sexual prowess. When the buyer says no, despite Cole delivering a fantastic cum shot, the high school senior is horribly punished: His beautiful chest, abs, back and ass are shredded by the single-tail whip, then doused with alcohol. One of our most beautiful boys beautifully tortured.
$25.95 $12.95

Preview: Cole 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07
MARSHALL — “Gift for his Master”
Jared finds the perfect pain slave for his master — Marshall, a boyish blonde gym-boy with a beautiful face and a smooth, well toned body. Jared’s master thanks him, then strips the boy — only to discover he has a huge hard-on. After a nasty whipping, young Marshall is put through a series of strength tests. He is forced to hold up 150 pounds over his chest or have his cock and balls torn off by the weight. He’s strapped down spread-eagled holding up two barbells just inches off the table. When he weakens and drops them, his cock and balls are shocked with electric current until he lifts them again. Then he’s hung upside down and forced to hold a massive weight above an electrified pad. When he drops that weight he’s shocked — and whipped! Even after such an exhausting ordeal, he pumps out a massive load of cum.
$25.95 $12.95

REX — “Three Days of Pain”
Rex is an 18-year-old high school athlete sentenced to our three-days of pain program. He’d ordered to strip naked, then bolted to a wall. Jared rolls the sputtering electric wand up and down Rex’s perfect body — ending with several long zaps to his cock. He whips the boy’s back and ass. He hangs Rex upside down, beats him with a baton and whips his front and back. The he crucifies the terrified youth, who suffers for hours on the wood, slowly pulled apart by his own weight. If that weren’t bad enough, Jared attaches a steel clamp to the crucified boy’s cock — and whips him on the cross! A perfect boy perfectly tortured.
$25.95 $12.95

Preview: Rex 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07
BRADEN – “Special Order”
You are a rich man who loves torturing muscle boys and you have a special request: You want a sexy blonde who sucks cock like a pro. We are here to please, so we head down to the local college campus and grab the hottest blonde we can find — a 21-year-old straight boy named Braden — and now Jared is training him just for you! The first step in Braden’s training is to get him on the weight bench to work those muscles — and suck his first cock — Jared’s. Over the next few days Jared whips him while fucking his face, shocks his cock while fucking his face, and jerks him off while fucking his face. Call it a crash course in cock sucking. Then, after Braden busts a huge load of college-stud cum all over his chest, Jaden flips him over and whips his back and ass until they are bright red. At the end of his training, Braden is a perfect, cock-sucking pain slave — ready to please you.
$25.95 $12.95

BRETT — “Final Consent II” (Part 1)
Brett is a 20-year-old college football star, a six-foot-two, 205-pound receiver. He’s been sentenced to 20-years hard labor for killing a weaker player in a freak accident but has agreed to be brutally tortured in order to reduce the sentence to 20 months. Standing in the dark torture chamber, Brett is ordered to strip down to his briefs and is strung up by his wrists and brutally whipped. At the halfway point, his briefs are ripped off and his ass and cock are whipped, making him howl in agony. The whipping goes on and on and on. Next, he is strapped to the cross and whipped again. He will spend the next 10 hours crucified, his muscular body gradually pulled apart by its own weight. Brett is so young and strong that even after such horrid tortures he pumps out an impressive load of cum. (Part 2 features the rest of Brent’s punishment, including having his virgin ass fucked and his cock and balls zapped.)
$25.95 $12.95

COLE — “The Gymnast” (Part 1) and COLBY —”High School Wrestler”
We often see fit young men milling around the local community center and fantasize about getting one of them to hop in our car. So imagine our smiles when 18-year-old Cole, a gymnast, reluctantly accepts the offer of a ride and jumps into our Lexus — the biggest mistake of his life. Cole is tied down on his back and gradually stripped, his nipples and abs whipped with a nasty crop after his shirt is pulled up, then cut away. Nasty alligator clips are clamped to his nipples and all over his cock and balls. His lean, muscular torso is whipped, first by one man, than by two men simultaneously. He is stretched to the breaking point on the rack — and brutally whipped by both men again. He’s left at maximum stretch for hours until he’s flipped over and his perfect, round ass and broad, muscular back are whipped bright pink.


Part 2 features the best high school wrestler Colby’s intense torture. Jared stretches the 18-year-old to his breaking point, whips his spread-eagled body, strings him up by the wrists and whips him with the single-tail, then crucifies him on the fuck cross. Colby is a virgin so his ass-fucking is brutal, but Jared jerks him off while he’s impaled on the cross.
$25.95 $12.95

JARED — “Torture Me” (Part 2, with Marcus)
Jared forces slave boy Marcus to suck his cock, then cums all over the boy’s face. Jared’s master walks in right as the cum flies and is pissed as hell. The big stud is put through some of the most intense tortures we have ever dished out. He is strung up onto his tiptoes, metal handcuffs digging into his wrists, then his chiseled body is brutally flogged, his abs dancing. He’s turned around and his big bubble butt and broad back are even more brutally whipped. He is turned around again and those amazing abs and pecs are zapped with the electric wand — and whipped some for good measure. Finally, to make sure he really knows whose boss, Jared is chained on his back on a wood box, his legs hoisted up, exposing his stretched asshole. Then he is brutally fucked. The best part: He begs for the pain and the brutal fuck, knowing he must be put in his place and submit 100% to his master.
$25.95 $12.95

KEITH — “Lessons Learned”
Keith is a handsome 21-year-old boy who has gotten arrogant, refusing sexual favors to his master, an older man who pays for his every need. He is about to learn a very painful lesson. Keith has the tight abs, firm ass and big pecs of a boy who spends hours a week in the gym. His creamy, white skin is smooth and flawless — just begging to be whipped. We beat his ass with the crop, turning the white globes deep red. Then we hit him with the electric wand, making those muscles dance. After we force him to pump out a load of cum, we cut his muscular pecs, stomach and upper thighs with over a dozen nasty stripes from the bullwhip, then spray the wounds with alcohol. Before he can even catch his breath, we turn him around and do the same to his lovely back and ass. Then we fuck his ass long and hard, his wounds still fresh and burning. Finally, we crucify him. Lesson learned.
$25.95 $12.95

CAM – “Training the Pain Slave”
We have kept hitchhiker Cam as a slave, training his body and mind to suffer for his master. Today the 22-year-old is forced to do 30 reps with a 150-pound bar bell. His reward is to be whipped and electro-tortured, to learn to suffer in silence and ask for more. When bolted to a wall, he begs to have his ass whipped and tries desperately to stifle his cries of pain. He does the same when his chest and abs are whipped while he’s tied to a cross, awaiting crucifixion. He cums on command for his master, then makes his first mistake: He asks his the man to spare him from crucifixion for being such an obedient slave. His master, disappointed, not only crucifies Cam, he has him whipped on the cross and leaves him hanging in agony until he passes out. (More in Part 1 below.)
$25.95 $12.95

Preview: Cam 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07
JARED – “Torture Me” and “Slave Training” (with Marcus)
Our house slave and trainer, Jared — who loves nothing more than to torture other boys — is himself brutally tortured. In “Torture Me,” he literally begs his Master to whip his beautiful abs and pecs, then his perfect ass and back. He jerks off for his master — while being electro-tortured. Even with current shocking his balls, he manages to not only get hard, but pump out a huge load of cum. Then he is strung up on an X-cross and shocked while crucified. Finally you see him strung up and whipped with slave Marcus. First both slaves are whipped side by side, then tied together back to back. (In part 2, you will see Jared force Marcus to suck him off, without his master’s permission, the reason he is tortured.)
$25.95 $12.95

DARIN – “College Stud”
After ordering an “All-American college stud,” we came home one day to find 21-year-old Darin bolted to the basement wall, hooded and gaged, his muscular body evident under ripped jeans and a T-shirt. He groans as we grope him and rip away his clothes. Now it’s time to torture that perfect body, first with the riding crop, then with the flogger. He looks amazing stretched out on the bondage table. After whipping him bright red, stretching him to his breaking point and leaving him like that over night, we dump him in the corner of his cell and order him to jerk off. What a stud.
$25.95 $12.95

JOSHUA – “Heavy Lifting”
Slave trainer Jared will get his new teenage slave, Joshua, in top shape if he has to nearly kill him in the process. He whips Joshua’s abs with the riding crop to improve his crunches. He flogs his chest to get his reps up on the bench press. He uses a laser-activated electro-shock collar to force him to hold up 100 pounds of sand and steel or get electrocuted, and he tortures his cock and balls to get him to do squats. In between, he whips and nipple-clamps him just for fun.
$25.95 $12.95

THOMAS – “Final Consent” (Part 2)
We start with 20-year-old Thomas suffering the longest segment of his horrible punishment: 8 hours on the cross. He looks magnificent stretched out on the cross, first on his back, then up in the air, struggling and flexing, dripping with sweat, exhausted and spent, wheezing in agony. The next day electrodes are attached to a ring around his huge cock and he is shocked repeatedly. Then he is forced to pump out a load of cum — and is rewarded with more shocks to his cock and balls, plus a back-breaking stretch on the rack. (You can see his sentencing and early tortures in Part 1, below)
$25.95 $12.95

CAM – “The Hitchhiker”
While hitchhiking in the city, beautiful college jock Cam accepts a ride from a man in a Lexus. Big mistake. He’s taken to a dungeon and bolted to a rack. He’s stripped and fondled by the man, then flogged. He’s forced to hold his legs between two electrified springs until, exhausted, he electrocutes himself. He’s stretched to the breaking point. His back and ass are lashed, then he’s turned around and lashed again on his chest and stomach. Covered with whip marks, the 21-year-old collapses to the floor, but still spews a huge load of cum all over his abs, trying to please the man brutalizing him. College jock brutalized.
Price: $25.95 $12.95

Preview: Cam 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07
JACOB – “One More Fuck Up” (Part 2)
After sucking-off Jared in his prison cell, beautiful teen boy Jacob is dragged to another part of the prison and strapped to a wooden rack. Jared had promised not to rack him, in exchange for the blow job, but he lied. Jacob is racked hard. His armpits are shaved, sprayed with alcohol and beat with the crop. Then he’s racked even harder! The next day, he’s hauled up onto his tiptoes and lashed with the single-tail, covering his lean body with whip marks. Despite the pain, he bursts a huge load of cum all over his wounded stomach. But his torture has just begun: He spends the next eight hours fucking his virgin asshole on the fuck cross! Teen boy whipped, racked and crucified.
Price: $25.95 $12.95

MARSHALL – “Mandatory and Severe”
In America’s dystopian future, not too far from now, beautiful young men like Marshall are kept smooth and hairless and rented out as sex slaves. If they speak out, as Marshall does, they are subject to mandatory and serve punishment. After being jailed, 21-year-old Marshall is dragged from his cell, strung up, stripped to the waist and flogged on his back and chest, until his pants crumple to the ground and his cock and ass can also be whipped. He is racked for hours and forced, in great pain, to jerk off for his tormentors. He is cuffed to the X-cross and his beautiful chest and abs are lacerated with the single-tail. Then he’s turned around and his ass and back get the same treatment. Finally, he’s crucified — and whipped while on the cross. Sex slave punished.
Price: $25.95 $12.95

CHANCE – “Political Prisoner”
With his good looks and charisma, 23-year-old Chance is a natural leader — and now he’s been arrested for political agitation on campus. A sadistic guard forces him to do pushups to prove he’s strong enough for punishment. Then he’s dragged in front of a judge who sentences him to unbelievable tortures: A ghastly whipping, a long crucifixion and electrocution of his cock and balls. No mercy is shown. A “leading man” severely punished.
Price: $25.95 $12.95

JACOB – “One More Fuck Up” (Part 1) / JARED – “Rope Master”
Part one opens with cocky Jacob determined to show no fear, even when he’s shown the whips we are about to use on him and told he will be fucked and forced to suck cock. He might be barely 18, slender and beautiful, but he takes a terrible beating with multiple whips and then sucks off his torturer, Jared, like an expert whore. A virginal boy beat and fucked.

In part two, Jared gets what he deserves. The Rope Master expertly ties the muscle stud in a variety of positions, letting him struggle in agony, then torturing his nipples with clothespins. A sadistic muscle-stud roped hard.
Price: $25.95 $12.95

JOSHUA – “Skater Punk”
Teenage skater punk Joshua is dragged — chained and hooded — onto the torture table, where his clothing is gradually ripped away and his taut, muscular body is beat, whipped, stretched and shaved clean. His razor burn is sprayed with alcohol and his dick is covered with biting clamps. Chained upright, he’s whipped and covered with clothespins. Then, even after pumping out a massive load of cum on command, he is strung-up and lashed with a single-tail whip. An innocent boy suffers.
Price: $25.95 $12.95

WES – “U.S. Marine” (Part 2)
Twenty-year-old Wes, a Marine, finds himself bound to a weight bench, his balls chained to a lift bar in front of him. Soon he has to hold up over 100 pounds. In agony he finally releases the weight but, thankfully, the chain manages to slip free. Refusing to give up his fellow Marines, he’s whipped and crucified in midair, his amazing muscles bulging as his gut sucks in. He’s beat with a steel bar. His balls are stretched again while his back is painfully arched. Despite all this torture, he proudly jerks off, spewing cum at his captors for a second time. An All-American hero tortured.
Price: $25.95 $12.95

Preview: Wes 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07
WADE – “Three Days of Pain” (Part 2)
High school wrestler Wade’s ordeal continues as his spread-eagled body is splattered with fire-hot wax. He buckles and screams and then moans for hours when he’s left in the dark over night, the wax still burning. On the morning of day three, he masturbates for his torturer, whom he knows loves his lean, muscular physique, but is still forced to endure the worst tortures yet: a lashing with the single-tail whip that stripes his perfect body and a long crucifixion. An amazingly beautiful boy suffers. (Part 1 is available below.)
Price: $25.95 $12.95

Preview: Wade 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07
WES – “U.S. Marine” (Part 1)
20-year-old Wes, a U.S. Marine, is stripped and duct-taped to a steel chair, his muscular chest tapering to a narrow waist. Electrodes are clamped to his nipples and the chair, and he is repeatedly shocked, but he refuses to reveal any information beyond his name, rank and serial number. His interrogator ups the ante, whipping his chest and abs, then applying the electrodes to his cock and balls and stretching his powerful body. But the Marine won’t break, showing his contempt by spraying cum all over his cell, before he’s racked and whipped again. A real stud endures. (Part 2 will be available in the next round of DVDs.)
Price: $25.95 $12.95

Preview: Wes 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07
JARED – “Punishing the Punisher”
Jared is a born sadist with a dream job — torturing other young men. But now the tables are turned. This strikingly beautiful muscleman is locked in a stockade and whipped on his back and ass. Then he’s bent over backwards and whipped on his front. Bruised, beaten and ashamed, Jared is finally crucified for eight solid hours, every muscle in his athletic body stretched and visible. He’s even whipped while on the cross, proving he can take punishment as well as he dishes it out. His glistening, tortured body is unbelievable.
Price: $25.95 $12.95

WADE – “Three Days of Pain” (Part 1)
Wade, a high school wrestler with the perfect 18-year-old body, is sentence to our alternative punishment program. He is ordered to strip, then told all the tortures he will suffer. His chest and abs are whipped, punched and covered with clothespins. He’s turned around and whipped on his back and butt, then hung upside down and whipped again. Finally, he’s racked on the torture table, stretched to the point that only a super-flexible young athelete could tolerate. Finally, electrodes are attached to his balls and he’s shocked over and over, his fine body arching and convulsing.
Price: $25.95 $12.95

Preview: Wade 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07
DAMON – “Legal Slavery” / DEAN – “Army Strong”
Part one opens with macho stud Damon hanging limp from his wrists, every muscle glistening with sweat. Then Jared enters, first whipping his stud, then spreading him on the rack for a hard stretch. Damon’s screams are music.

Part two has Private Dean reporting for punishment. He’s stripped down to a gauze loincloth, then flogged so hard the gauze breaks loose. Next, he’s bent over and his ass is beaten. Then he’s strung up and whipped front and back with the single tail, followed by an amazing cum shot.
Price: $25.95 $12.95

All DVDs are about 72-minutes long and are presented on a plain DVD in a clear clamshell case without cover art.

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