Porn Star Torture – Part 3

Playtime: 20:01

Muscular, young Connor Halsted is strapped to the cross, raised up and crucified. He is completely naked, smooth but bearded, like a modern-day Jesus. The look of terror on his face as the cross lunges into place with a jerk is glorious. In that moment, he becomes fully aware of the extreme agony he will suffer. His arms, shoulders, legs and ankles immediately feel the strain of the cross. He is mounted in a position his body was never meant to endure, hanging by outstretched arms, his legs bent and unable to lock in place, his chest and lungs spread, his stomach sucked-in hard. His sculpted body has never looked better, every muscle visible, stretched or contracted, his leanness and the V-shape of his torso exaggerated. Within a half-hour he is in total agony. With each passing hour his agony doubles and his body weakens, yet becomes even more beautiful. He is the perfect, suffering boy.


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