Torture Twink – Part 4

Playtime: 17:26

Jared continues to pound his bound teenage slave’s abs and chest with hard rubber boxing gloves. Jared loves the way this boy screams and moans, sounds filled with pain, fear and innocence. With that in mind, he clamps two biting clothespins on each of Curtis’ nipples, then rings his scrotum and covers his cock with 20 more clothespins, putting three right on the tip of his super-sensitive, uncut cock! The boy, still bolted in the pillory, moans and squirms in agony for hours before Jared yanks the pins off one by one, doubling the pain as the blood rushes back into the dozens of wounds on his lean, young body. The three on the tip of his foreskin are left in place, however, for a few hours more.


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