Torture Twink – Part 7

Playtime: 17:59

Curtis is stretched out on a platform on the floor of the dungeon, legs spread, arms overhead. He is completely naked, his lean stomach sucked in, his head rocking back and forth. Then he hears the sharp crack of Jared’s whip on the concrete – a loud, vicious crack! Then another – a warning of the pain to come. Curtis can’t even imagine that his flesh – his naked stomach and chest – is about to be sliced with a real bullwhip! At first just the tip of the single-tail hits the side of his pec – and god does it hurt! The next dozen-plus blows are much worse. Soon, Curtis’ beautiful, smooth skin is lacerated with long, deep welts. Jared then rubs the wounds, making Curtis yelp in pain. “We wouldn’t want those wounds to get infected,” Jared tells the teen boy with a smirk, then sprays his fresh wounds with rubbing alcohol. Jared has rarely been colder and crueler. The younger and more innocent the boy, the more Jared wants to hurt him.


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