The Delinquent – Part 2

Playtime: 18:32

Jared continues to whip Josh Hunter’s muscular back and bulbous ass. The 18-year-old in Jared’s dungeon getting a taste of prison life, is innocent, dumb and beautiful – the perfect prison bitch. They call it a “scared-straight” program, but it’s really just an excuse for Jared to get his rocks off. “You want this to stop?” Jared asks the young boy as he squirms and squeals in pain. “Yes!” Josh replies. “Yes what?” Jared demands, whipping the kid even harder. “Yes, master!” Josh replies. “Then you are going to suck my cock,” Jared says, as he exists the room. Minutes later Jared reappears, naked and erect, and face-fucks the kid. “You’ve done this way more than once before,” Jared laughs, then pulls out of the high school senior’s drooling mouth and cums all over his wounded back. He makes Josh lick his dick clean then goes right back to whipping him. Jared lied!


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