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Earn 50% commissions on all referred sales.

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How do you get paid?

When a customer clicks through your site and purchases a membership on any of our sites you earn a 50% commission on that initial sale and on all monthly rebills from that sale. The amount you make depends on the traffic you send. And it gets even better: You will be paid the same 50% commission if the same customer joins one or both of the other sites, allowing you to earn multiple streams of income on every single customer you refer.



Why should you sign up?

With one sign-up, you can promote a family of gay bondage website owned by Kenneth Benjamin Media, recognized as one of the best gay-bondage producers online.


The three sites in the KB Media family are true “destination sites” – members wait eagerly all week to enjoy their unique content. You can promote one, two or all three sites:


  • DreamBoyBondage, our flagship site, features exceptionally good-looking, muscular jocks captured and bound and forced to endure very intense, highly realistic torture scenarios — whipping, flogging, spanking, electro-torture, racking, forced weight training, gut punching, hot waxing, clothes pinning, nipple torture, C&B torture, forced cock-sucking, forced anal penetration and more!
  • RopedStuds.com features the same beautiful models and specializes in expert rope bondage with less intense torture — mostly whipping, tickling, cock and ball play, as well as sucking and penetration.
  • BoundUpBoys.com is a combination of both, with loads of rope bondage as well as torture scenes, but featuring twinks and rough-trade boys.


All three sites are updated with two new episodes every week, so your horny members will get their fantasies fulfilled every week. Plus, the episodes build on one another, so members are always eager for more.



How do you get started?

It’s an easy sign-up process with CCBill; there are only two steps.

  1. Create your affiliate account.


    Click here if you have not signed up for a CCBill affiliate program before.


    Or, if you already have an established CCBill affiliate account, you can add our site to your existing account. Enter your information below and click Submit:



  2. Promote!   


    We will send you a weekly email with links to sample images of various sizes and short teaser videos promoting that weeks updates. You are also welcome to use any images or teaser videos on the sites’ tour sections.


    We also provide you with banners of various shapes and sizes for all three sites, including animated gifs Download banners to display on your site here.


    Use the following HTML snippets to link your images/buttons:





    These snippets will direct people to the correct site and will credit your KB Media affiliate account with a 50% commission for each member billing, regardless of the site joined.


    Be sure to replace XXXXXX with your CCBill Affiliate ID and IMAGE with the URI (location) of your image.


If you need artistic or technical assistance email feedback@dreamboybondage.com.


After you’ve signed up, you can see how much money you are making at any time by visiting CCBill’s Affiliate Admin page.


KB Media Affiliate Program is subject to select Terms and Conditions.



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