Playtime – Part 3

Playtime: 17:15

Naked, his back and ass covered with whip marks, his cock and balls encased in a rubber cock-ring, his body literally trembling in fear and pain, Wyatt tries to calm his breathing and regain his composure, moments after spewing a huge load of cum all over the floor in front of him. “I know I said I’d let you go if you came for me, but I think you know that is not going to happen,” Jared tells his young slave. “I’ve saved the worst for last,” Jared adds, pulling out a seven-foot bullwhip, the kind you crack with the jerk of your wrist. Jared cracks the whip exactly that way, up and down Wyatt’s back and ass, laying a series of vertical lash-marks on top of the horizontal ones already decorating Wyatt’s flesh. Jared finally cuts the boy down, leaving him quivering on the floor until ordering him to crawl on all fours to his cage in the next room.


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