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This Week in the Dungeon
February 21, 2020
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Captured Again – Chapter 5

Beautiful, young Leo, after spending a week in the dungeon naked and alone, his wounds healing, is strapped facedown to a table and brutally fucked then flogged.

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Blind Muscle – Chapter 10

Stefano is crucified! A perfect bodybuilder is displayed perfectly, a true work of art – the art of suffering.

Last Week in  the Dungeon
February 14, 2020

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Blind Muscle – Chapter 9

Anthony Martin works muscle-man Stefano’s uncut cock. The bound slave cums despite the nonstop pain of the rack. He’s rewarded by being stretched even harder.

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Captured Again – Chapter 4

A super-lean, blond boy is spread-eagled on the torture table and brutally flogged from his pubes to his pecs, leaving his ribs and waist covered with angry welts.

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Currently in the Dungeon


Captured Again

A beautiful college boy who was captured and tortured in our dungeon a year ago is spotted by Felix Frost and another young top, Grant Dixon. Felix nabs the young blonde that very night and delivers him to the same dungeon as a gift for Grant, who whips, fucks and tortures the boy for days.

Unfolding Now!


Blind Muscle

A stunning, young Italian bodybuilder – a real muscle stud – chooses to be a pain slave instead of a sex slave to save his family from ruin, a decision he will regret as his amazing body is whipped, shocked, crucified and tortured in our dungeon.

Unfolding Now!


Acts Of Sodomy

In America’s dystopian future a young boy is whipped, shocked, crucified and brutally fucked for the crimes of sodomy and speaking out against the government, yet the guard torturing him is allowed to use him as a sex object. The rules don’t apply to those in power.

Thirteen Chapters


Owned and Broken

This straight stud is used to being on top, a total dom, whether he’s fucking a girl or beating some gay sub’s ass then fucking it. That ends today. In our dungeon he is a bitch and we will break him completely.

Ten Chapters


Wages Of Sin

A young muscle-stud is convicted of “defiling a virgin” and sentenced to extreme torture by the American Taliban. His leather jacket is unzipped revealing ripped abs and massive pecs, but his strength will be no match for the brutal gut-punching, electric shocks and whipping he will endure before he is crucified and broken on the rack.

Nine Chapters


From Fantasy To Nightmare

A blonde twink, barely 19, fantasizes about being a slave: being bound and helpless, tasting the whip – then being fucked by an older, dominant man. His fantasy quickly turns into a nightmare. In our dungeon, no one can hear you scream and the only fantasies that matter are those of the man with the whip.

Ten Chapters


Straight Bros

Top-man Kevin Ford captures two straight buds, strings them up, strips them naked and lures them into a psychological game of wits that will turn them against one another, making one friend torture and fuck the other, first unwillingly but then with relish, as both boys become his sex slaves.

Nine Chapters


Daddy’s Boy

Alex Killian and Austin Young (a.k.a Austin Lock) are the most popular daddy-son pair in gay porn. But you have never seen them like this. Austin is young and innocent, a mere boy, but he suffers unbelievable torture and submits completely to his daddy, begging for mercy the whole time, but getting none.

Eight Chapters


Young Cock Torture

A beautiful, 21-year-old boy with a lean, sexy body, a wide, innocent face and a huge, gorgeous cock is molested and tortured. His young cock gets hard and stays hard even when it’s tortured – and it’s tortured a lot, by an expert sadist, Master Alex.

Seven Chapters


Total Submission

A submissive 23-year-old nerd is emotionally manipulated by a dominant friend, Alex Killian, who convinces him to hit the gym, shave his body and get down on his knees and suck cock. Blake, now in peak condition, becomes a total submissive, tortured and fucked at will.

Eleven Chapters


Fuckin’ Pretty Boy

A cocky young pretty-boy who loves strutting around in public in a crop-top and tight running shorts is snatched off the street, gut-punched and tortured, then turned into a BDSM sex slave. Why? Because he deserves it!

Eight Chapters


Broken At 18

A well-built high-school athlete, just 18, is sent to us as a disciplinary problem. We bolt him to a wall, strip him naked, flog his chest, force him to cum, then whip, taze and crucify him. He takes the pain but, in the end, is broken.

Nine Chapters


Anonymous Lust

Desperate for cash, a college boy agrees to meet an older man at a hotel for sex. Instead he is captured and taken to a dungeon to endure a series of terrible tests of strength, forced to hold up weights or be zapped, tortured for days and forced to cum by a man he cannot see.

Eight chapters


A Boy for Torture

A lanky youth is bound and beaten for no other reason than his extraordinary beauty. A born slave with a massive cock that stays hard no matter what, he cums over and over, while his balls and body are tortured with clothespins and whips.

Ten chapters


Sex Criminal

A young personal trainer living in a dystopian future is crucified on national television for the crime of having sex with a virgin, but first his muscular body is punched and whipped and his balls are fried with electricity – before and during his crucifixion.

Six chapters


Blonde Captive

A college boy is kidnapped by a classmate who has fantasized about torturing his tight body and owning his gorgeous cock. Felix Frost binds the blonde beauty to a wall, strips him, pulls his cock out of his pants and attaches electrodes to his body, then tortures and fucks him, giving special attention to his cock, balls, nipples and navel.

Ten chapters


First Time

A sadistic top who loves torturing other boys, hearing them scream and beg for mercy, is himself tortured by the ultimate sadist, Jared, who turns the well-built college boy into a mass of welts and bruises, then forces him to fuck himself and suck off his tormentor.

Five chapters


Final Consent IV

Too young and innocent to anticipate the intense pain of the single-tail whip, the power of the cross and the agony of losing his virginity to a dildo the size of his arm, a young Mormon boy chooses to submit to three-days of non-stop torture in order to avoid a 20-year prison term.

Nine chapters


Anthony’s Boy

A young ballet dancer is captured by our newest top, sexy and sadistic Anthony Martin. The smooth boy is bound, blindfolded and gagged in our dungeon. His perfect body is whipped and tortured. He’s fucked, long, hard and often – by a cock the size of a 16-ounce Tall Boy.

Nine Chapters


Taken For Torture

A well-built, totally smooth Latino is snatched off he street while walking home from a party, then strung up in a dungeon and brutally tortured and fucked while the outside world assumes he must have fallen into the nearby river, lost to a horrible accident. Now he’s living a nightmare at the hands of a muscular, young leather-man.

Ten Chapters


Harder, Sir, Harder!

A slave who keeps his body in perfect condition and lives to be fucked and tortured can’t believe the sadism and sexual appetite of Felix Frost, who beats, sucks, fucks, jerks-off and electrocutes his slave, taking him way past his limits even as he begs for more.

Eleven chapters


Occasionally we post bonus material in addition to our two weekly updates: Favorite episodes from our archive, 3D animation from an artist fascinated by torturing beautiful muscle boys, and episodes from other sites we love.

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