Russian Swimmer – Part 5

Playtime: 20:04

After spending 10 hours on the cross, Alexei is allowed a night’s rest and is then spread-eagled face down on the black torture table. He sees a box off to his right containing a strange device plugged into the wall. His lean, swimmer’s body is flawless, his bulbous ass tanned on top but creamy white around the crack, evidence of the fact that he spends almost every waking hour in a Speedo. To say he is terrified is an understatement. Then Jared flips the switch on the device and touches it to his own abs, grimacing with pain, his muscles convulsing after just a few seconds. He will run the wand across Alexei’s body – at a higher power – for a full hour of nearly non-stop pain. Next week: Jumper cables to the balls.


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