Total Submission – Chapter 8

Playtime: 24:40

Blake is the perfect pain slave, a boy so naturally submissive he loves nothing more than to suffer for his master. He’s worked for months sculpting his body for one reason: so he could be strapped to a torture table and his master could whip his abs with a single-tail bullwhip. “You must be hard even when in pain,” Alex says, taking a break from the whip to stroke his slave’s cock. Blake’s gets hard instantly – and remains hard even when his master steps back and continues slicing his perfect torso with the whip. Blake’s erect cock bounces up and down with each painful blow. He is totally turned on by his willing submission to this man. He is a worthless, powerless slave, a possession who exists to suffer and please. Alex works his slave’s cock – and in minutes Blake busts a huge load of cum all over his red-striped abs. Alex rewards him by resuming the whipping.


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