Bob Knight: Used

Chapter 1

Tall, lanky and very beautiful Bob Knight, with a mound of thick hair and a massive cock, is stripped, fondled, slapped and tortured with clothespins while bound helpless.

Chapter 2

Bound upright, naked, young athlete Bob Knight is lashed from neck to groin with a heavy-duty flogger then busts a huge load of cum at the hands of the Man in Black.

Chapter 3

Stretched out like he is crucified, up on his toes, beautiful jock Bob Knight is lashed up and down his stomach and chest with a single-tail whip that cuts like a knife.

Chapter 4

Now chained to the wooded plank face-first, Bob Knight is lashed on his back and ass, then the fresh wounds are sprayed with alcohol.

Chapter 5

Strapped naked to an X-cross, Bob Knight moans in agony as his torso, cock and balls are lined with clothespins. Then his chest and abs are flogged.

Chapter 6

Still blindfolded and bound flat on his back, Bob Knight’s lean, naked body convulses in agony as electric current surges into a metal clamp crushing his balls.

Chapter 7

Bound to the X-cross face-down, Bob Knight is whipped on his feet, then his ass, then his ass and his feet, then his back and his ass. God, how this beautiful boy suffers.


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