A Boy for Torture – Part 3

Playtime: 17:34

After enjoying his prone body and jerking Cole off, Felix Frost is eager to make him suffer even more for being so beautiful. Felix lifts Cole off the gurney by his mouth-gag with a motorized winch and leaves him naked and helpless, dangling painfully from the ceiling, his ankles spread by a steel bar and his wrists still fettered to his thighs. Somehow the kid keeps his huge cock erect, even when Felix reattaches steel clamps to his nipples, lifts him up onto his tiptoes and smacks his lean torso with a riding crop. Cole hangs there, naked, in agony, for hours, as his master tortures and plays with his cock and body, a beautiful, young pain slave used and displayed. And his agony has just begun. He has so much more to endure.


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