Chapter 1

A beautiful porn star, at his physical peak, is roped to an inclined X-cross. He’s stripped and flogged, then his nipples, pecs and uncut cock are covered with clothespins.

Chapter 2

Imagine it is you moving those clothespins from Connor’s gorgeous chest to his cock and balls, making him groan in pain, then groping every inch of his perfect body.

Chapter 3

Roped against a wall, Connor’s naked back and ass – the hard, round ass of a porn star – are whipped with a leather cat-o’-nine-tail, then he’s fucked nonstop for an hour.

Chapter 4

We finish off Connor’s back and ass with the flogger then flip him around and rope him to the wall. “Fuck!” he screams as his chest and abs are cut with a bullwhip.

Chapter 5

Connor’s torso is lashed and his balls are roped and stretched as he hangs from the wall for hours. Then he’s roped to a chair for more long-term bondage.

Chapter 6

Our young porn star’s body spasms as his cock, abs and nipples are tormented with an electric wand, then he jerks off, hoping to please his captors enough to be freed.

Chapter 7

Connor is roped to a bench and brutally spanked and whipped with two leather straps, leaving his back and ass covered with welts. Then his million-dollar boy-hole is fucked.

Chapter 8

Connor moans from the long-term rope bondage, the brutal beating and the nasty dildo rammed up his ass. He’s fucked again – by an even nastier dildo – then jerks off.


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