IZZY DANGER: Fantasy Boy

Chapter 1

In America’s dystopian future, young Izzy Danger becomes a “fantasy boy” to be used in any way deemed legal — like flogging his hairless chest and abs.

Chapter 2

Beautiful muscle-twink Izzy Danger, now spreadeagled on the wall, is flogged even harder, then his tiny briefs are ripped off and his cock and balls are whipped.

Chapter 3

With his blindfold removed, fantasy boy Izzy Danger can see what is next: His lean, naked body will be ran through with electric current. He suffers beautifully, flexing and gasping.

Chapter 4

The guy torturing young Izzy Danger is an evil genius, forcing the boy to elevate his legs or be shocked. It’s a terrible game of exhaustion vs, pain – and it goes on for hours.

Chapter 5

Muscle-twink Izzy Danger is bound face-down and lashed repeatedly with a single-tail whip. Rubbing alcohol is sprayed on his wounds and he’s whipped again. hours.

Chapter 6

Izzy Danger is fucked not by the man torturing him for pay – that would be illegal – but by a machine, a dildo-mounted jack-hammer that pounds his virginal asshole for hours.

Chapter 7

Izzy Danger’s beautiful, naked body, so smooth and lean, is lashed with the single-tail whip, leaving his pecs and abs crisscrossed with fresh wounds.

Chapter 8

Fantasy boy Izzy Danger, his lithe body covered with wounds and dripping with sweat, suffers full-body electro-shocks, his worse torture yet. Still, he cums on command.


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