Joel: Young Spy

Chapter 1

A newly minted Marine, just 18, is captured while lurking around a secret facility in Qatar. He’s bolted to a wall in a torture chamber, stripped and beaten with a riding crop.

Chapter 2

Another young Marine, barely 18, is stripped naked and whipped mercilessly before his pecs, cock and balls are covered with biting pins.

Chapter 3

Our young Marine, tough as nails but still a mere boy, suffers for hours, dozens of pins biting into his body, then he’s bound to a metal chair for electro-torture.

Chapter 4

A baby-faced Marine with a lean, athletic body is repeatedly shocked while duct-taped to a metal chair, but he will not break, even to end the pain.

Chapter 5

A blonde, teenaged Marine is lashed with a bullwhip, crying out like a boy but taking the pain like a man. Rarely has such a beautiful youth suffered so intensely.

Chapter 6

Beautiful, young Joel is kidney-punched and lacerated with a bullwhip until he is a whimpering mass of pain. Still, he will not break.

Chapter 7

Lean, boyish Joel quivers in agony as the soles of his feet are whipped and his chest and stomach are lashed with a bullwhip while he is spreadeagled on his back, naked.

Chapter 8

Joel’s merciless lashing continues until his slender torso is covered with wounds and he buckles in pain from mists of alcohol. Then he is hung by his balls – after he cums.


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