JOHNNY BOY: Broken At 18

Chapter 1

Just 18, Johnny Boy is arrested, bolted to a wall, stripped naked and informed of every torture he is about to endure, starting with a flogging of his chest and abs.

Chapter 2

Felix promises high-school jock Johnny he can go home if he pumps out a load of cum. Johnny cums on command, but instead of being freed he’s whipped and tased.

Chapter 3

Johnny’s athletic body trembles seductively as his muscular shoulders and round ass are flogged. His boyish moans are music, his innocence as sexy as his lithe, young physique.

Chapter 4

Teen-boy Johnny’s lean, strong body is displayed perfectly on the cross. He suffers, naked and helpless, for twelve, long hours. Could anything be more beautiful?

Chapter 5

High-school athlete Johnny fades during his final hours on the cross, but he survives, only to be stretched on a table to have his nipples and feet beat with a riding crop.

Chapter 6

Felix Frost continues to beat his teenaged victim on his nipples and the soles of his feet, then flips the boy over and flogs his trembling ass until it is bright red.

Chapter 7

A muscular high-school athlete is brutally spanked until his round ass glows red, then his V-shaped back and waist are even more brutally whipped with the single-tail.

Chapter 8

Bound naked on his back, a strikingly beautiful high-school athlete is repeatedly shocked with jumper cables attached to a car battery.

Chapter 9

A fit, young jock is shocked and whipped at the same time, breaking his will, his spirit and his body. He tries desperately to cum, only to be completely broken.


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