Sex Criminal – Part 6

Playtime: 23:08

In the United States of the near future having sex outside of marriage is a serious crime, punishable not with imprisonment but physical torture. Fit, young sex criminals like Kevin Brady are severely whipped, shocked with electricity and crucified. Because of his exceptional beauty, guaranteeing high ratings, Kevin’s crucifixion is broadcast on state television, so his cock and balls have been covered with a tiny loincloth. The boy being virtually naked – with the bottom of his balls and the top of his pubic hair occasionally visible – makes his public torture even more seductive, with its regular glances of forbidden pleasure. The broadcast is meant to instill fear, but the state will not allow the worst aspect of Kevin’s punishment – electrocution of his balls while he is crucified completely naked – to be broadcast, so the cameras are turned off during the last half of his crucifixion. But you get to see it all – and, by God, it is extraordinary, an orgasm of beauty and agony.


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