MAX LORDE: Slave Trade

Chapter 1

A beautiful, young athlete, Max Lorde, is sent to Cole Blue’s dungeon as a slave who is traded among a network of gay men who will torture, milk and fuck him.

Chapter 2

Cole Blue keeps his slave, Max Lorde, hard while flogging his naked body. He covers the slave’s pecs and scrotum with clothespins then rips them off.

Chapter 3

Slave Max Lorde hangs in a new array of chains for hours when Cole Blue returns and beats him mercilessly, getting so hard his massive dick leaps out of his pants.

Chapter 4

Our young top, Cole Blue, fucks Max Lorde’s throat with his huge, throbbing cock then cums all over the slave’s open mouth and face.

Chapter 5

Slave-in-training Max Lorde is edged for hours by a milking machine after his sexy young master, Cole Blue, cums all over him.

Chapter 6

Max Lorde is bound on his knees and elbows, ass in the air, ready to be beat and fucked. And that’s exactly what happens, at the hands of his young master, Cole Blue.

Chapter 7

Young stud Max Lorde is repeatedly shocked through a steel butt-plug rammed up his ass and a steel-cage clamped around his cock and balls.

Chapter 8

Slave boy Max Lorde pumps out a gallon of cum as he’s jerked off by a flesh jack then his master then the flesh jack again.

Chapter 9

Muscle boy Max Lorde knows his body exists solely for the pleasure of other men, to be tortured and fucked at will. Today his feet and nipples are whipped with a riding crop.

Chapter 10

Young master Cole Blue beats Max Lorde’s fine, round ass with a leather spanker then fucks him senseless, busting a massive load of cum all over his back – twice.

Chapter 11

Beautiful Max Lorde is lashed with a single-tail whip while he is crucified, his whole body in agony, as he gasps and moans from the strain and the lash.

Chapter 12

His body glistening with sweat, every muscle bulging, Max Lorde is in total agony, crucified and whipped for hours. The perfect slave suffers even more.


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