Fuckin’ Pretty Boy – Chapter 8

Playtime: 18:24

Felix Frost fucks and flogs Vinny simultaneously then leaves the beautiful boy bolted face-first to a concrete wall, completely naked, his muscles cramping, his asshole and back on fire. Felix returns hours later and forces Vinny into an iron triangle – a Medieval device devilish in its simplicity. Its victim can’t stretch, get comfortable nor reach his cock and balls – a fact that becomes very salient as Felix covers them with biting clips. Felix can’t stop hurting this boy; it’s a compulsion. Hours later, he takes Vinny out of the device and orders him to remove the clips. Vinny screams as he takes each one off and blood rushes back into the damaged flesh. Still, free of any shackles, Vinny thinks he’s about to be released. “On your knees!” Felix demands. “Suck my cock!” he bellows, shoving his dick in Vinny’s face. This pretty boy isn’t going anywhere, not for a long, long time.


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