Three Days of Pain – Part 1

Playtime: 14:06

For this bonus, we bring back our favorite “alternative sentencing” episode: An extraordinarily beautiful boy, Wade, an 18-year-old high school wrestler, reluctantly agrees to be tortured nonstop for three days to prevent serving a long prison sentence. He trembles in fear as a fierce-sounding man orders him to strip, then describes in detail every torture he will endure: whipping, hot wax, electric shock to his genitals, stretching and, finally, crucifixion. After Wade signs a contract agreeing to it all, he is immediately bolted to a wall, naked, and the torture begins: a long, hard flogging of his chest and abs. We will feature two more episodes from this series, originally presented in spring 2010, over the next month. If you want to see all eleven parts go to DreamBoyBondage2.com, our archive site, with over 900 videos. (You’ll find the series on pages 12 and 13.)


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