Wes Morales: U.S. Marine

Chapter 1

A muscular, young Marine, Wes Morales, is bound to a metal chair with duct tape, stripped to his jock. Electrodes are attached to the chair and his nipples. Time to talk, Marine.

Chapter 2

A young Marine, Wes Morales, stripped to his jock, is shocked over and over, his muscular body convulsing and gleaming with sweat.

Chapter 3

U.S. Marine Wes Morales, naked and spread-eagle, is flogged by his interrogator but won’t reveal any information beyond his name, rank and serial number.

Chapter 4

A young Marine, Wes Morales, naked and alone, his muscular flesh shaved smooth, is shocked through his cock and balls, his body shaking in agony and glistening with sweat.

Chapter 5

Muscular but helpless Wes Morales is stretched to his breaking point, his screams bouncing off the dungeon walls, his naked body convulsing but never looking better.

Chapter 6

Wes Morales is flipped over, revealing a perfect male ass: round, hard and smooth. We whip it mercilessly as the young, naked Marine flexes and screams.

Chapter 7

After days of non-stop torture, Wes Morales pumps out a huge load of cum on command, standing naked in the dungeon, a perfect specimen of young manhood.

Chapter 8

Wes Morales is bound to a machine with his genitals chained to weights he must hold in place or his balls will be crushed. And we keep on adding weight!

Chapter 9

Wes Morales screams in agony, his muscular body contorted in pain, as his balls are crushed by a steel cuff chained to a massive load of weight he cannot hold up.

Chapter 10

Our muscular Marine is hung by his arms spread along a wooden beam, his naked body never looking better, as his torso, ass and cock are flogged.

Chapter 11

Young stud Wes Morales is crucified in midair, naked, his own weight torturing every muscle-fiber and tendon in his perfect body.

Chapter 12

Our muscular, young Marine is beat with a riding crop, mercilessly flogged and pummeled with a hard-rubber truncheon while spreadeagled on his feet, naked.

Chapter 13

The perv torturing our heroic Marine stretches his cock and balls with a barbell and whips him harder than ever, before the stud pumps out a load of cum on command.


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